The Astrology of FLOAT by Artermira

FLOAT by artermira, created September 10, 2020

FLOAT was created on September 10, 2020. Because of the emotional authenticity behind its creation, it encapsulates a portion of the energy of that point in time in an incredibly impactful way.

In September 2020 we were in the thick of collective grief and uncertainty due to individual and governmental responses to the threat of disease. The corresponding transits were Saturn retrograde and Pluto retrograde in Capricorn being squared by Mars stationing retrograde in Aries.

On the 10th, the moon in Gemini was applying squares to the Sun in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces, who were reaching exact opposition on the 11th. We can describe this energy as a major mix of acute confusion and frustrated will. Tension was mounting due to the restructuring of essentially all of our internal and external foundational systems. If we thought that our difficulties were over, the message of September 10th was telling us we still had work to do.

However, at the same time, while the loudest voices of September were cries of grief amplified by Mars, Saturn, and Pluto, the quieter voices were subtle, gentle nudges towards a reliable hope…

Mercury in Libra, un-aspected in Venus’s sign, guided us to communicate through unifying images.

Venus in Leo, also un-aspected, but in the Sun’s sign, advocated for, as much as she could, our desire to glow and provide healing lightness.

Jupiter stationing direct in Capricorn, Saturn’s sign, was equipping us to apply a renewed sense of realistic optimism towards the future we were building into.

building into the future

FLOAT is intended to evoke the feeling of floating. It does this, and so much more. To me, it is a symbol of what it feels like to be given a lifeboat when we’re in extreme circumstances. It promises that diverse and vibrant life is possible even when SHTF. It suggests that transcendence can be a tool used for healing. Loss is real, and so is a way forward.

What I especially love about this piece is that, from a distance, it looks like the subject is a rugged island of respite. This parallels Jupiter’s apparent stationing motion, where it appears unmoving in the sky. Upon closer examination, we can see that the subject is actually an old wooden boat filled with flowers, which is a lovely surprise because this indicates the potential for movement (if that is what we would desire). To continue the Jupiter parallel, this corresponds with the undeniable reality of Jupiter’s inevitable return to direct movement, initiated just two days later on September 12th. Nothing stays unmoving forever.

a moment of respite on the precipice

When we think about FLOAT’s core identity, we look to the sun. Since this piece was released as the sun was in Virgo, a mercurial earth sign, the subject being a wooden boat with wildflowers corresponds perfectly. Virgo’s symbol is the maiden. It’s a representation of practical caretaking and tending to details.

What is also notable is the boat’s position in the middle of a seemingly vast emptiness — the stillest sea reflecting the clearest sky. This is an environment that can potentially be panic-inducing because it seems like there are no external indications of what happens next. It highlights one of those triggering questions: where are we going? Sun opposing Neptune can manifest as drowning in fogginess and ambiguity. This transit can also be described as a time where we are enveloped in the blurriness of formlessness in order to permanently and markedly increase our sensitivity. It’s often a time where we feel like we have no choice but to level up our approach towards healing, compassion, and sensitive topics.

When we look at this image more closely, we can see the softest hint of a cloud upon a backdrop of the tiniest speckles of light.

where do you want to go?

FLOAT tells us that sometimes the answer to “where are we going?” is “where do you want to go?” It’s a serious question that is worth taking our time to answer.

Overall, I deeply appreciate this image because, to me, it functions as a powerful talisman that represents the invitation to let go and enter meaningful serenity in times when we feel untethered and afraid. It reminds us that peace is always contextual.

Artermira’s pieces consistently capture significant truths of ethereal moments in such a delicate, thoughtful, and gentle way. To find more of her excellent digital craftsmanship, consider collecting one of her pieces on Foundation! I also suggest immersing yourself in her IG gallery and connecting with her on Twitter.

What are your favourite elements of this piece? What emotions does it bring up for you, especially as they relate to your experience of September 2020? Let us know in the comments! Keep believing in wellness.




art, astrology, technomancy

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Karissa Tesluk Piszko

Karissa Tesluk Piszko

art, astrology, technomancy

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