Thank You!

Karissa Friesen
1 min readOct 10, 2022

Before there was astroviak, there was ktslkpszk, two names on the same social media accounts.

ktslkpszk (for Karissa Tesluk Piszko) was just as much into astrology, magic, technology, and wordplay as astroviak was, but astroviak was much less shy.

If we met on social media, I’d like to say that I genuinely had a blast! I don’t think there was anyone that I didn’t value connecting with.

Special thanks to those I learned with, collaborated with, volunteered with, to those who ordered astrology reports, and to those who collected my nfts.

astroviak as an identity is being put to rest for the forseeable future. The blog here will remain up as long as it can be, my nfts will still be out there (if you can find them!), and I’ll be spending time on other things. Perhaps we will connect again in the future!

With best wishes,