Results and Review: General Predictions for Ten-ish Notable Entities: December 14, 2020

Karissa Friesen
16 min readJan 26, 2021
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The purpose of this article is to assess my astrological predictions from this article (6 min read) regarding how the symbolic meaning of the eclipse on December 14th, 2020 would correspond with events occurring for 13 notable entities.

Astrology is the (vast) study of the phenomenon of the correlation between celestial and earthly circumstances. Ultimately my goal as an astrologer is to sharpen my skills by applying traditional theory to contemporary events. Foresight of macro or micro trends enables us to make strategic decisions, initiate productive events, and deepen our understanding of relating with each other.

I came across a decent amount of roadblocks, and I will reference them as I review each prediction. Perhaps you are an astrologer and have come across these (or other) roadblocks yourself — I enthusiastically welcome your reflections! Or perhaps you are an observer of another sort — I welcome your feedback even more!


RB 1 — Late Review

It’s (generally) difficult to scroll back to find historical news, even if it’s just a month. It seems like the common journalism platforms are more focused on the public accessing current news. Next time I make a prediction for a certain day, I will have to set aside time that evening to identify and save relevant articles.

RB 2 — Data Analysis Software

I need data analysis software of some sort, in order to judge the popularity of certain topics on the Internet in relation to time.

RB 3 — Stock Analysis

I have operated under the assumption that the stock market shows us the value of any given business. This could be an incorrect assumption, I’m not sure — I don’t have the technical skills built up yet to analyze the stock performance of businesses etc. It’s not a major interest of mine, but it may be an avenue I pursue in the future. It would require a great deal of study for me to even have a firm grasp on vocabulary, basic theory, and mechanics.

RB 4 — Inside Information

I don’t have access to the inner workings of board rooms, families, and people’s personal processing. I’m limited to what is shared publicly for verification. I need to continue making predictions for high-profile entities since these seem to be the easiest access point for unpaid practice. I need to be careful to not make personal predictions (based on private thoughts, emotions etc.) since I have no method for verifying them. Also, it’s not my position to share someone’s inner workings publicly.

RB 5 — Personal Bias

I need to do my best to challenge my various biases when making predictions. Any given life experience can be universally observed, but the observer (in this case me) always brings their unique perspective, which can sometimes massively hinder judgement calls. So I need to be careful about not locking into my unique viewpoint.

RB 6 — Show Your Work

Finally, in judging my predictions, I had to work backwards to remember why I chose the words I did in my predictions. I refrained from presenting too much theory and technical work in order to make the article more readable for a general audience. But for my own benefit, I need to at least record my process and rationale in order to assess it in the future.

Prediction Analysis

For each of the following 14 prediction topics, I will rank them as either a success or as a failure, on the basis of how well my predictions stood up to the actual results of December 14, 2020. Over half of the predictions were failures, so I am glad I structured this article as a learning opportunity!

Here is a quick overview of my prediction outcomes:

1. Deepak Chopra: failed prediction

2. Prince William: so-so prediction

3. Nicolas Cage: failed prediction

4. Demi Moore: so-so prediction

4 ½. Ashlee Simpson: failed prediction

5. Apple iPhone: successful prediction

6. Twitter as a platform: successful prediction

6½. Twitter as a business: successful prediction

7. Denver, CO: failed prediction

8. Newark, NJ: failed prediction

9. Transportation technology: an evolution: failed prediction

10. Microsoft stock: a pivot: successful prediction

10½. BBC’s global role: failed prediction

1. Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra announcing the start of a new series: Life After Death


• “I expect a flare of news of his legacy, with a spotlight on how his spiritual perspective has had a world-wide influence, inviting others to consider deeper ideas for the ultimate benefit of humanity.”

• “Secondarily, I expect that he has been seriously mulling on how to authentically relate with others, in pursuit of divine connection, while maintaining safety and trust. Where does spiritually fit in with The Great Reset and our post-covid world? How do vaccines fit in the global spiritual narrative? He has an innate sense of the need for sharp strategy when it comes to discovering philosophical truths and I look forward to what opinions he has to share.”

• “I expect that he is either (a) getting ready to share an idealistic vision on ~January 5, or (b) will have a vision presented to him through a sibling, peer, or extended family member on this day. Regardless, I expect widespread social acceptance of what he has to offer us on ~January 5.”

Occurrences (multiple)

On his Instagram, he announced the start of a new video series called Life After Death. Video here.

On SF Gate, he posted an article titled Where True Spirituality Begins.

On January 5th, he posted a range of inspirational spiritual content.

No indications of news from the external media or general population.



Moving Forward

Right off the bat, I’m faced with almost all of my roadblocks. Thankfully I made some more successful predictions later on!

The major failure of my predictions for him was my expectation for fame and prominence, which presents me with the need to address Road Block (RB) 6 — Show Your Work. As for the rest of the content of my predictions for him, it was too general to be of any use. Chopra’s Instagram has multiple posts every day, on spiritual topics, and it’s difficult to sort out his identity from his brand. This presents me with RB 2 — Data Analysis Software and RB 4 — Inside Information.

As I reflect on this prediction, I can’t help but think of the danger of falling into the trap of cherry-picking. To prevent this sort of a fallacy in the future, when I present an event that I believe is significant, I will have to provide reasoning for why it is more significant or relevant than other events.

2. Prince William

Prince William and family at the London Palladium. Aaron Chown, AP


• “I expect confusing news about his health or personal status, along with concerns about how his personal resources are structured… Perhaps he will share wealth with his siblings/extended family, or perhaps he will receive wealth from them.”

Occurrences (2)

There was official promotion from the Cambridge Royals on December 14th on the topic of him and his family giving thanks to his community.

He was on the front page of the National Enquirer that day regarding health issues.


So-so (50% success)

Moving Forward

Retrospectively, I don’t see any evidence for making a prediction about his wealth and siblings. I’m presented with RB 6 — Show Your Work. The life areas that would have been activated at that time for him would have been (1) his personhood/status and (2) his direct family. The vibe of these areas would have a dreamy and/or illusory quality. This corresponds with the public cheer-spreading. It also corresponds with the Enquirer’s front page that day.

Regardless, a “post”-diction is not what I was challenging myself to present, so I will chalk this up to a failure. Thankfully the error I made is clear. Next time, I will have to spend time double checking my astrological theory and technique to prevent such a glaring error. I am also keeping in mind RB 4 — Inside Information.

3. Nicolas Cage


• “I expect dramatic news of his health or personal status, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was traditionally unfortunate news. I am expecting him to put a higher value on fueling his core values, especially in regards to children, love affairs, creative projects, his solitary world, or a combination of the four.”

Occurrences (0)

No unfortunate news, or any news.


Failure (0% success)

Moving Forward

A disappointment that points me to the need to address RB 4 — Inside Information, RB 5 — Personal Bias, and RB 6 — Show Your Work.

4. Demi Moore

Demi Moore’s book giveaway


• “I expect the media to report on how her reputation or career is tied with the restructuring of one or more of the following topics: an important long-term friendship in her life, a certain activism group she’s been committed to, or a long-term dream she’s been building.”

Occurrences (1)

I found no media reports on Demi Moore from that day. On her personal Instagram that day, she announced a giveaway of her memoir as a thank you. Her memoir focusses on her childhood, relationships, and personal struggles.


So-so (50% success). She got a fair amount of professional attention on December 14th, and you could say that her posting a giveaway of her book counts as a long-term dream she’s been building, but overall it feels like a bit of a reach to connect this circumstance with my prediction.

Moving Forward

This prediction brought me to RB 4 — Inside Information, RB 5 — Personal Bias, and RB 6 — Show Your Work. Retrospectively, I see how the symbolism of her personal act of generosity ties into her chart and transits, but “post-diction” is not the focus of this article. The lessons I’m taking with me are to address the above roadblocks.

4½. Ashlee Simpson


• “I will venture to say that perhaps Ashlee will be in the news for similar topics as Demi: restructuring of (a) an important long-term friendship in her life, (b) a certain activism group she’s been committed to, and/or (c) a long-term dream she’s been building.”

Occurrences (0)

Nothing on her social media, and nothing in the news.


Failure (0% success)

Moving Forward

Without knowing her birthtime, I can’t say for sure. If it is a correct birth time, perhaps something is happening behind the scenes, which I don’t have access to (RB 4 — Inside Information). If it is an incorrect birth time, I have nothing to say. This is why trusting the validity of correct birthtimes is important.

5. Apple iPhone

“Workers riot at Indian iPhone factory after going ‘four months without pay and being asked to work extra shifts’” — DailyMail (photographer unknown)


• “a massive eye-opening to the public on how the iPhone empire profits, both philosophically and literally.”

Occurrences (1)

This was the major event that happened in the iPhone company that day, reported on by multiple news outlets: Violence Erupts At iPhone Factory In India Over Alleged Unpaid Wages, Apple Investigating Incident.


Success (75%)

Moving Forward

Looking back, I wish I had fleshed out the relevant martial energy more in the prediction (the eclipse occurred on the chart’s Mars placement), rather than just using Mars as a neutral chart-specific indicator of profit and philosophy. This would have made the prediction more specific. I’m thinking of RB 6 — Show Your Work.

I expect more big iPhone news on May 26, 2021, regarding a massive decline in the status of the iPhone product, probably due to a new creative change (UI and/or physical design).

6. Twitter as a platform


• “In the news, I’m expecting a revelation of how the algorithm is structured according to power dynamics — whose voice gets heard and promoted, and for what reason?”

• “On Twitter itself, I’m expecting the conversations of the day to be uncomfortable, specifically uncomfortable in regards to shedding light on our unconscious communication patterns.”

• “I’m expecting the less-fortunate viral tweets of December 14th to be related to control and manipulation in relationships.”

• “I’m expecting the more-fortunate viral tweets of December 14th to be related to deeper truths of the philosophy of relating with an “other,” and how we can use those deeper truths of our past as fuel to push us forward, upwards, and onwards.”

Occurrences (5 most popular, as far as I could find)

An interesting popular tweet shared an anecdote about a Twitter user getting suspended for violence, but they were quoting song lyrics. “There are a remarkable number of songs with violent content. Are we going to ban people for quoting the national anthem of France?”

One of the most popular tweets of that day called for Twitter to do something after a user doxxed his political opponents.

Another popular tweet was a reaction against getting political messages pushed from the Punjabi music scene.

There was a popular tweet about trauma victims, criticizing the hypocrisy of those who say they support people with mental illness.

And here is (I think) the most popular tweet of the day, judging by likes and retweets. It is a message sent from one apartment neighbour to (presumably) others, detailing their sleep training difficulties. The reason the letter was sent was that the neighbours realized that their next strategy (cry-it-out) would affect their building-mates, they decided to offer a letter as a forewarning, apology, explanation, and invitation for mutual understanding (and tequila). It was vulnerable and personable.


Success (70%)

Moving Forward

The themes I predicted showed up. I can see my personal bias in my predictions (RB 5). Accessing data analysis software would help alleviate this worry (RB 2). I enjoyed tracking Twitter trends, so this is a topic I would like to make predictions for again. RB 1 — Late Reviews, was difficult to deal with, so I will have to ensure I am available to check the trends of the day if RB 2 continues to be an issue.

6½. Twitter as a business

a relevant press release from the FTC


• “I’m expecting a drastic call for Twitter as an Internet-entity to be encouraged to be restructured on the basis of creating more space for authentic passion, genuine kindness, and wholesome spontaneity, while taking steps to reduce space for relational aggression and avenues for control.”

Occurrences (2)

Twitter’s blog post of that day was a message to their advertising customers detailing their expansion in their “commit[ment] to creating a healthy environment where everyone, including advertisers, can participate and engage safely.”

Interestingly, on this day, there was a relevant press release from the FTC:

“The Federal Trade Commission works to promote competition and to protect and educate consumers… The Federal Trade Commission is issuing orders to nine social media and video streaming companies, requiring them to provide data on how they collect, use, and present personal information, their advertising and user engagement practices, and how their practices affect children and teens.”


Success (60% success)

Moving Forward

Here I see my prediction as so-so, ultimately falling on the side of success. On the one hand, I captured the themes correctly. But on the other hand, I put my own hopeful interpretation into the themes (RB 5 — Personal Bias). I missed out on detailing the Mercurial significations (information, young adults, children) (RB 6 — Show Your Work).

7. Denver, CO


• “…there will be an extremely surprising event, perhaps even a sudden shock. Likely something will be dug up from the past, or from “below ground.” Security, home, and belonging issues come to mind.”

Occurrences (0)

Thankfully I was able to access news records from Denver on ~December 14, 2020. The results are in: nothing that qualifies as an extremely surprising or shocking event occurred.


Failure (0% success)

Moving Forward

The Rodden Rating for the chart is AA, and my delineation is sufficient, so where did I go wrong? I treated this city like a person, which may have been an error. I have zero experience in predicting events for cities, so I see that I could benefit from the private study of the techniques (and practice) of traditional mundane astrology.

8. Newark, NJ


• “an extremely surprising event, a sudden shock… I am wondering if the shock is related to the identity of the city itself, or her significant leaders. I’m wondering about the potential of a natural disaster, a serious outbreak of disease, or extreme financial issues… I wonder if the shock of the day will relate to the response of managing disaster, disease, or poverty.”

Occurrences (0)

I run into the problem of not being able to access older news articles (RB 1 — Late Review), so I have nothing to share here. Another failed prediction.


Failure (0% success)

Moving Forward

Going forward, I will practice the astrology of cities/settlements privately, and then share these types of predictions publicly once my confidence is built up. I know there is an abundance of traditional techniques to examine regarding weather and community and political events for cities, kingdoms, and lands, so I look forward to sharing my learning there at some point.

9. Transportation technology: an evolution

The Wright Flyer, at the end of the first attempted powered flight.


• “I expect news coverage of the identity of the Wright Brothers.”

• “I expect their story to be used as an inspiration to promote evolution in air and travel technology.”

Occurrences (0 — a few)

This topic was difficult to track retroactively (5+ weeks later). Frustratingly I can’t seem to find a way to search news articles within a certain time frame. Twitter offers this feature, and I saw a few articles and threads pop up about the Wright Brothers and their first flight (since it was the anniversary), but there doesn’t appear to be anything major regarding evolution in travel technology, at least as far as I can see.


Failure (10% success)

Moving Forward

I will chalk up this up to a failed prediction that I’ll use as a learning experience. Next time I make public predictions for a certain day, I will check the news that evening. The major roadblocks here are RB 1 — Late Review and RB 2 — Data Analysis Software.

Ironically, Wilbur Wright labelled their first motorized flight as “only partial success… the power is ample, and but for a trifling error due to lack of experience with this machine and this method of starting, the machine would undoubtedly have flown beautifully.” I take these words with me as inspiration. Their successful flights occurred on a later date, after multiple attempts and revisions.

10. Microsoft stock: a pivot

Microsoft teams up with Warner Bros., LeBron James and Bugs Bunny to empower a new generation of developers.


• “I expect that December 14 will bring stunning news to the market as far as Microsoft is concerned. I imagine a few different major potentials here: a split, a partnership, an identity change, or most likely all three.”

• “I absolutely expect the stability of their stocks to be in question.”

• “…from my research into Bill Gates’ interests, I can’t help but wonder if Microsoft will get involved with vaccines, like say with injection technologies.”

Occurrences (3)

C3AI pivot point on December 14th

I didn’t see any pivots with Microsoft’s stock, but I did see a pivot with a company they invested in: C3Ai Inc (AI:NYSE). On 14–12–2020, their stock value started a significant upward trend that peaked after a week. C3Ai Inc is an artificial intelligence agency. More information here (CNN article from 09–12–2020).

Additionally, on 14–12–2020, Microsoft shared this blog post: Microsoft teams up with Warner Bros., LeBron James and Bugs Bunny to empower a new generation of developers. This corresponds with my prediction of a developing identity change and partnership.

As far as my prediction for a split goes, I don’t see any public evidence of that yet, although I am interested in how they continue to put energy into vaccine and healthcare initiatives. I found a blog article from Dr. David Rew, who is Microsoft’s Chief Medical Officer and VP Healthcare. The article is from 11–12–2020. Successful COVID-19 vaccine delivery requires strong tech partnerships.


Success (75% success)

Moving Forward

I will keep tabs on the Warner Bros. — James project’s development. I expect more significant news on the project as the Gemini-Sagittarius eclipses continue in 2021 (May 26th, June 10th, December 4th).

10½. BBC’s global role

BBC’s declining brand value


• “I predict that the world will come to new knowledge in terms of how the BBC acquires, sorts, selects, promotes, narrates, and shares the information that they distribute as news. I expect astonishment in these areas!”

Occurrences (0)

I did find a statistic about the BBC’s declining brand value in the UK, but I can’t find any indications of public astonishment on December 14th. There doesn’t appear to be any new public knowledge regarding how the BBC disseminates information into news.


Failure (0% success)

Moving Forward

This is one of the entities that doesn’t have a solid chart initiation. Going forward, I will be more strict to ensure that I use entities with reputable initiation data, especially when the “birth” of an institution is so old. Roadblocks to address: RB 2 — Data Analysis Software, RB 4 — Insider Information, and RB 5 — Personal Bias.


Upon reflection of all of this work, I am left with the question of how to qualify an event that I predict.

One of my major inspirations for this project was my frustration with the excess of retrospective-style delineations from astrologers. As a fellow astrologer, I enjoy the experience of shared synchronicities. But from an outsider’s view, it looks like (and often is) confirmation bias and/or cherry-picking.

The spiritual practice of non-attachment will help me as I build up a qualification system. My goal is to acquire just the right amount of context of the life or operations of the entity that I predict, without being so steeped into it as to delude myself.

With my public astrology practice, I want to push myself to make a specific and otherwise-unknowable claim about a certain entity’s future experience, and compare my statement with the reality of whatever occurs on the predicted day.

Thank you for reading! And of course, let me know of any thoughts that this has brought up for you. Have a great rest of your day!



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