Out of Order

Karissa Friesen
2 min readNov 7, 2022


I got my hands on an old Kepler College introduction to some old astrology (“old” as in Ancient Greek, ~330 BCE to ~1000 CE) and figured I might as well document my reflections as I work through it.

It’s been a toss-up on whether to discard the astroviak persona or not — I told myself I would — but life is such that it ultimately doesn’t feel right to just start over under a new name.

astroviak + Twitter was pretty chaotic — fun, but a lot to handle! Screen time got the better of me and I needed a break.

As I’ve been considering what I wanted to do next, I kept coming back to this blog. I’m really proud of the work I’ve put out and I want to see where I can push myself next. I can’t help that my life is pretty chaotic, at least on the outside, and honestly that just makes things interesting.

As much as I wanted to mold an online identity into One Theme, as much as I wanted to Fragment my life into a host of disconnected identities, at the end of the day, it just felt most genuine to accept my public work as it has been so far and… just keep going.

I’ll probably pepper in some personal experiences through this blog, and I might still develop a different persona for more personal creative expressions, but for better or for worse, astroviak came into existence and I want to honour the intention behind that.

As I’ve been healing from screen addiction, I’ve been slowly increasing my attention span for reading books again. I find myself starting with epilogues, and then reading chapters and paragraphs in any which way I choose. Out of order is working for me.

For this upcoming project though, documenting my reflections of this introductory astrology pdf, I will go through it in order. I’ve already gone through the history section, and the glossary, so that’ll probably be my next post.

And something I really want to document is the absolute meta mind-fuckiness that (often?) comes with learning astrology, which is learning the language and technology of time. Not totally sure how or where that will come out but it really needs to, and astroviak feels like the best place for that.

Thanks for sticking around!

— Karissa