Astrology for Leaders — The Vernal Equinox 2022

This is the first astrology article published in The Tickle, an indie NFT magazine for contemporary digital art and creative writing. Collect it here.

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Do you celebrate the vernal equinox? This year it occurs on Sunday, March 20, 2022 (at 15:34 UTC to be precise).

An energetic feminine figure draped in translucent red fabric, against a bright blue background. Text: “The Tickle Issue #37”
The Tickle Issue #37 — collect here. Cover photo by Silvia Maria.

Historically, for many cultures, the vernal equinox has been an event worth observing. While vernal means “pertaining to spring,” I actually don’t limit its meaning to the spring season (it’s different for different hemispheres anyways). With “spring,” I also think of a spring of water, or coil springs — all full of potential energy and fresh starts.

Astronomically, the vernal equinox corresponds with the days finally being of equal length to the nights and indicates a change in seasons. In Western tropical astrology, the sun’s position at this time marks 0° Aries, the beginning of the zodiac.

Aries is a fiery, martial symbol of initiation, birth, bravery, and the spark of everything new. The sun is our guiding light and source of generative energy. I see the sun as a symbol of leadership in general, but especially when it is in Aries.

A photo of the nude mid-section of a light-skinned, freckled feminine figure with a band of fabric tightly wrapped around the breasts, slightly exposing the nipples.
Photography by Katya Kanke-Zaikanova in The Tickle Issue #37 — collect here.

We all are leaders because we all have the capability to take the initiative, guide others, and focus our gaze on a long-term goal. If you’re reading this article (thank you!), this is especially true. We are among the first who are learning about and building into a new world, a world where wealth and power are distributed laterally.

Leaders direct themselves and others towards a common goal. The vernal equinox is a wonderful time to assess our progress so far and get a feel for what we want to see more of (or less of) in the future. It’s okay if our vision isn’t perfectly crystal clear yet, what’s important is that our vision is clear enough to keep going. (Don’t forget to recharge.)

Astrology is the study of the correlation between celestial and earthly events. In this light, the relative positions of the sun, moon, and planets at any given point in time provide us with guidance.

For reference, here are their astrological positions on March 20, 2022:

  • Sun: 0° Aries
  • Moon: 29° Libra
  • Mercury: 17° Pisces
  • Jupiter: 18° Pisces
  • Neptune: 23° Pisces
  • Venus: 13° Aquarius
  • Mars: 10° Aquarius
  • Saturn: 20° Aquarius
  • Uranus: 12° Taurus
  • Pluto: 28° Capricorn

Each celestial object expresses itself uniquely, depending on its position in the zodiac and its geometric relationship to other planets. We can consider the sum of their expressions at the vernal equinox as a general message for leaders in the 12-month solar year ahead.

Photography by Bárbara Benzina in The Tickle Issue #37 — collect here.

The Moon — Follow Your Intuition

Let’s start with the moon. It’s just starting to wane at the tail end of Libra. Libra is a sign ruled by harmonious Venus, opposite Aries, and is a symbol of artists. Think of how artists unify and balance opposites on a number of spectrums such as proportion, value, colour, texture, and contrast (to name a few). A waning moon is a symbol of consolidating energy after a relative peak of awareness. This placement, the waning moon in Libra, tells us that it only takes a little effort to be considerate and share the truth, and that these little efforts go a long way towards creating harmony. It’s never too late to make a new friend.

Mercury and Jupiter — A Wealth of Knowledge

Next, let’s look at Mercury and Jupiter. They are very close to conjoining (sharing the same degree in the sky). This arrangement blends their respective energies and can very likely show up as experiencing information overload. There is also a message here that we can trust that we have all the data we need for the time being.

Venus and Mars — Serenity, Sparks, and Considerate Connection

Venus and Mars are separating from their conjunction. Their union with Pluto and each other earlier this month (March 3–6) likely corresponded with us having to deal with significant events or issues relating to an “other” in our lives. Perhaps you received an impulse to heal an old relational wound, or maybe you felt a strong urge to connect with others. Their current separation narrates to us that although our community is full of unique individuals, each with their own quirks, it’s possible for us to peacefully coexist with mutual respect and without needing to be directly attached to each other.

A photo/collage of a human face, completely covered in a combination semi-abstract visual effect. The top half of the face is bathed in red light and the bottom half is black. A yellow nude feminine figure with long white hair is painted or super-imposed over the nose, lips, chin, and neck. A smaller yellow figure is super-imposed on the left cheek, neck, and background. The human’s face serves as a canvas and their eyes are milky-white, devoid of pupils or irises.
Photography collage by Bárbara Benzina in The Tickle Issue #37 — collect here.

Saturn — Looking Back From 2020 to Today

Saturn is in the last third of Aquarius. It spends approximately three years per sign, taking around 30 years to complete its full 360° cycle through the zodiac (as opposed to the sun, which only takes one year). Saturn is a traditionally tough planet, symbolizing:

  • limits and structure
  • discipline and long-term security
  • boundaries
  • grief, aging, and maturity
  • responsibility
  • reality-checks

It’s been in Aquarius since late 2020. Aquarius is an air sign, ruled by Saturn, and it is representative of communities, networks, electro-magnetism, and extending our domains. In the past year and a half, I’ve noticed serious developments occurring in what we call “web3” and I’m sure you have too. I’ve also noticed so many people around me stepping up to take the lead in building alternative communities as a result of getting excluded from the communities they were in before. What’s even more wonderful to see is that so many of these leaders are simply doing what they’re passionate about because they see a gap that needs to be filled. Aquarius is the “anti-ego” sign (it’s directly opposite Leo). It’s incredibly heart-warming to see people around me consciously choosing to treat each other with respect and support.

Saturn will enter Pisces in March 2023, marking our entry into the next 3-year Saturn period. During this time, 2023–2026, we can expect to be compelled to rest, to be conscious of our water consumption, and to consider our actual capability to support those we care about.

A black-and-white photo of a nude feminine figure, mostly underwater save for the top half of her head. Her eyes are closed.
Photography by Silvia Maria in The Tickle Issue #37 — collect here.

To finish up, let’s look at the positions of the outer planets, the ones not visible to the naked eye. Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

Focal Point: Summer 2025

Uranus first entered Taurus in mid-2018 and will be there until 2026. Uranus is a symbol of shocks, breaking the rules, rebelling, and electricity. Taurus is a Venusian sign, earthy, and is the natural second house of personal resources. With Taurus, think: values. The whole NFT scene really seems to be like a Uranus in Taurus manifestation since NFTs challenge traditional forms of value, assets, and art. In July 2025, Uranus will start to enter Gemini (the outer planets go back and forth a bit at the beginning of their entry into a sign). At this time we can “expect the unexpected” in terms of a broad introduction and adoption of radical forms of communication, marketplace technologies, and personal travel. Once in, Uranus will remain in Gemini until summer 2032.

Focal Point: Spring 2025

Currently, Neptune is in Pisces and is on its way to Aries, first entering in March 2025. Neptune represents the concept of dreams and reality blurring together. The metaverse offers so many opportunities, but it also presents the danger of losing oneself. One remedy for this is to tap into your intuition and practice whatever spiritual connection feels most authentic to you. Remember: the opposite of addiction is satisfaction, so gratitude is essential. When Neptune enters Aries, I expect a new type of immersive entertainment to become popular, something with more direct audience participation. Once in, Neptune will remain in Aries until spring 2038.

Focal Point: Spring 2023

Finally, we reach Pluto, one of my favourite planets right now. Currently, it is in Capricorn and is on its way to Aquarius, first entering in spring 2023. If you can only remember one thing about Pluto, know that Pluto symbolizes extremes of power. Capricorn, a Saturnian, earthy sign, is a wonderful sign for building permanent structures and offers the strong value of creating a legacy. On a more negative side, Pluto in Capricorn can cement irrational hierarchies into a system. Aquarius, a Saturnian, airy sign, also has to do with structures, but these structures are more flexible and encompass a broad range of demographics. If there is a threat to decentralization, I would say that it would be globalization as a new form of imperialism. I’m grateful for common technologies and a common language. I will not be directing my energy towards the dominance of a homogeneous language and culture at the exclusion of others. We are evolving out of a traditional capitalist world and into a world of interdependence. Making adjustments is to be expected. Once in, Pluto will remain in Aquarius until spring 2043.

The back of a person looking at a red home. The person has medium-length straight brown hair with bright red ends and is wearing a light blue shirt.
Photography by Katya Kanke-Zaikanova in The Tickle Issue #37 — collect here.

To Summarize

Transitions can be stressful, even when they are just little transitions from one task to another. Think about how babies and children react to changes in their environments and routines.

Transitions are highly energetic. The sun moving into fiery, martial Aries reminds us of this, and of the one constant in life: change.

Astrology is the technology that illuminates the cycles of time and how these cycles correspond with changes in our lives, both macro and micro. Our circumstances are changing whether we like it or not. If you believe that you are a leader, you know that we are creating new spaces and that we are in this for the long term. What are your long-term goals? How do they align with the long-term goals of your friends? If you believe that we have the power to change ourselves and our systems, I recommend setting your sights on the Aquarian concept of maintaining and evolving authentic connections. We are autonomous beings and we have the freedom of choice.

This is the first astrology article published in The Tickle, an indie NFT magazine for contemporary digital art and creative writing. Collect it here.



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