The astrology of June 24 2021 in rhyming couplets, gently illuminated on a mysteriously suspended orb. This token is the genesis collaboration of artermira, visual artist, and astroviak, astrologer.
Do you remember the feeling of finding a special rock, leaf, or shell to collect? Photo by Rayyu Maldives photographer on Unsplash

Step 0: use a laptop or desktop computer if possible

It’s a true honour to have FLOAT by ArtErmira as part of my hicetnunc nft collection. As a celebration, here are my thoughts on the astrology of this piece!

FLOAT by artermira, created September 10, 2020

Thoughts on the practice.

Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash

Karissa Tesluk Piszko

art, astrology, NFTs

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